Packing for a trip is horrendous. What did we ever do when we packed for four little children, and we survived. Now, it is just two of us. I have heard of people throwing a few things into the suitcase, locking the door and off they go.

Is it old age that makes the impending trip a concern? Surely not. But there it is. One more day of preparation and off we go. No matter the hot weather, the high cost of gasoline, the 600 miles to Wisconsin, once we are in the car and moving we will enjoy every moment!

Even the unknown, the unscheduled scenic tours (that means getting lost), where is the next bathroom question and trying to ignore hunger and the endless miles will not deter us. It will be a prelude to seeing our lovely granddaughter bride Sarah on Saturday.

The lists are papering the kitchen, the snacks are packed on the table. Ahh, where is the beef jerky and the barrel of water as we traverse west on the prairie? Oh, that’s right, we are going east not west.

This blog will be brief. What an idea a brief blog, a blog in briefs. Never mind, now I sound like our son, Paul, who wrote in his last email….The new brake pads aren’t here yet. Thats all I’m waiting on. Then it will be together but I have to bleed the brake lines. Even tho that sounds a little sadistic. I still have to do it. It’s for the bike’s own good.

And so this blog is blogged out, but just wait for the trip and the wedding!!!! blog.

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