Babbling Brook

The Babbling Brook by Rufus Edgar Combs

raindropI sat down by the Babbling Brook,And listened to its babble.I asked what its destination was, And where all did it travel. It answered, “Come along with me one round trip, And I’ll answer all your questions. But first, let me introduce myself, That we may know each other better.”I have observed that you are very old, And your journey is a long one,That you have observed many things, Including all my travels. I’m nothing new, I’m nothing old. I’m very gentle, I’m very bold.  I’m just some drops of water, I’m the hoar frostI’m the snow flake. I’m the Glacier and the Lake.I’m the Amazon, the Yukon, The Euphrates, and the Atlantic and Pacific.  I am called the Water of Life, No life exists without me,If man should venture where I am not found, They will surely take me.My Lord gives me free transportation, On earth or in sky over fields, forests and plantations,If it were not so, the cost would, Break the richest nations.  It is a downhill trip, it is said, And full of troubles and trials. I headed down the gentle slopes, Headed toward the valleyWhere I might find some extra help And pick up some friendly allies. We found there a gentle creek, A peaceful creek, pleasant and contented. We persuaded it that we had work to do, And asked if it could come and help us. It answered back, “Gladly, Sir, At your command, we’ll lend a hand,And whatever else is needed.” We told the creek we had a job to do, For a nation in the building.It is a dirty job, Mostly cleaning. We journeyed on through hills and rocks, And sometimes little cities,Picking up the filth and trash, That man had discarded. We came to a river strong, We asked if we could lend a hand,It answered back gladly, “Sir, We need all the help we can To overcome obstruction.” We journeyed on a little ways, And found a Dam a’ building,And knew we could lend a hand The Reservoir a’ filling.We stopped awhile and took a breather, While we all climbed the wall, And overcame it easier. As we left the Dam, We lent a hand, And started the wheel a’turning.We felt our strength gaining by the hour, But so was the filth and dirt, And needed all our power. We found we were big enough To take on other duties,So we invited Tug and Barge To ride upon our bosomTo carry on is commerce of a creation And thus to help build a mighty nation. We journeyed on towards our home, Working many hours.Seeking more jobs, Using up our powers.We reached the Pine Bluffs Our load was heavy,The going rough. We decided to seek the Gulf,We’d grown tall and mighty thrifty,So we joined up with the Mississippi Now big and mighty heavy. Men built for us a mighty levy. We traveled South and found big cities, We cleaned and cleaned them up and washed their dishes.New Orleans was big and mighty sprawling. We cleaned her,  filled her ditches.She seemed to think we were Too big for our britches. So going on we found the Gulf, We thought we had enough,We journeyed on with much ease, Enjoying the gentle breeze.In the might ocean, We found perpetual Motion.We still had one more Job to do, To cleanse ourselves,And make us pure. So we cleansed ourselves when washed with waves,And sent the filth to its own grave. We became great, And carried most freight, We served all the people. The Father of Love Looked down from above,And said, “Your work is done, Team up with the sun,Come up higher, Help make things brighter.” So, as big as we were, We teamed up with the Sun.Our vapor life helped with our strife, And we felt much lighter.We saw the dusty plains, We heard the farmer’s prayer for rain,Listened to his children’s prattle And watered all their cattle. We joined with the Storm, And Rode on the morn with much power.We wished no one harm, so ended the Storm, And gave them instead a Shower. We went up North, Gendered some frost,Visited the Eskimo country, Of the Eskimo’s needWe surely concede, And built him an Igloo for his children.Journeying South, we fed hungry mouths,With many tidbits from heaven. We visited the peaks,Furnished water for creeks, Watered many a flower. We visited the peaks, Their coolness to seek,Our birthplace to see. it was there we were remindedTo be very humble.  So deserting the Sun,  There is still much work to be done.Back to the earth I tumble To be a little brook,That man never forsook, It’s destiny — to babble.  When we went south to the Rio Grand,We paused awhile and helped, To fill the Falcon Dam.I make a mark between two great nations,And gave them both much needed Irrigation, And showed them both cooperation. We are now approaching Padre Island, A good place to spend awhile in,But I do not have any time off or vacations. I’m too busy watering all plantations.I never sleep, am seldom still, I must do my God’s good willI am just some drops of water.  I would that all men everywhere Learn the story of the Babbling Brook,To learn more of me and my destination, Read the last chapter of Revelation. And that if they do the Will of their Master,He will say, “Well done, come — come up higher.”