This page is to be used for journaling during my 85th year, beginning June 16th.  My mother wrote a journal as well during her 85th year.  Again, Mom teaches me what is important!  God’s Love….Emily Ann

June 16, 2014,  to the present….

2014 – 85 years old today, and every year I have felt this butter-fly-in-the-tummy feeling.  An expectation of something glorious that will take place, yet this birthday I have prepared for the right setting and awaiting the surprises this year will bring.  I  embrace this year and wait and watch for God’s leading.
Two days ago I washed the smudges of living from the front door and back doors.  I am washing the windows of my soul with expectation through the scripture God has for me. May my vision be clear to see what God has prepared for me.
Everyone in my life has been a way to learn the lessons God has for me.  I cherish those God has given me and those yet to come.  God has given me a goodly inheritance through the family in which He placed me. He has given me a Godly husband and cherished children, to the 3rd generation.
Even through my husband’s dementia, I will trust His leading. My Father in Heaven gives me the greatest riches through Jesus Christ.  I receive peace, joy, and love in abundance.  The day  I was baptized, 77 years ago, set my feet on this path with a clean and light heart.
My Mom, Anna Daisy Suderman Siemens, kept a journal during her 85th year. Through her written journal,  I  walk and follow Jesus.
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