About Anna Daisy SiemensBorn in Kansas, July 4th, Anna Daisy Siemens received her early formative education there.  She completed her education at Tabor College (Hillsboro, Kansas) and Southwestern State Colle (Weatherford, Oklahoma.)  Prior to her marriage and thereafter, until she and her husband began raising a family of their own, Mrs. Siemens pursued a career in teaching.  After the arrival of her first child, however, she left the teaching professions to devote full time to her family, although she has over the years given piano lessons in her home.Apart from her interest in writing, Anna Daisy Siemens was interested in gardening, fishing, sewing and painting.  In addition, she served as an organist and choir director in First Christian Church, and associated with the Watonga Music Club.  She taught Sunday School classes, Camp and VBS classes.Anna Daisy Siemens enrolled in a writing course given in OSU, Stillwater, Oklahoma.  During this time she wrote articles, stories and poetry.  After she moved to Rogers AR in her 80’s, she took another writing class and a drawing class at NWAC.Stand Tall was her first book-length collection of verse.  She also self-published three books:  Kith and Kin,  Life: Full Measure….Running Over,  a book of Bible Verse Songs, and a book (out of print) of her family, The Lines are Fallen.  She typed on an electric typewriter until her death in 1998.Writings Chosen to Share from:  Kith and Kin, Full Measure…Running over and The Lines are Fallen.One of her earliest poems – Triple Joys:

Six little eyes have gone to sleep
Three little minds past counting sheep
Six little arms flung out for rest
Three little babies have found their nest
Six little feet with toes stretched out
Three little bodies, so strong and stout.