May 26, 2016 – Psalm 136:16-18

Psalm136He led his people through the desert. His love continues forever.  He defeated great kings. His love continues forever. He killed powerful kings. His love continues forever. Psalm 136:16-18Man has made a GPS to help us find our way on earth in the car.  We have to program it with the correct address. When we get on the wrong street or turn the wrong way, we hear the voice, “Recalculate, Recalculate….!”  The GPS lets us know we will not see the place where we planned to go.  God gives us our guide – that He programs, through Jesus and it is called the Holy Spirit.  It could be called the HSS.  It teaches us to follow the leading of God each day.  When the Israelites followed God’s system of travel in the wilderness – a pillar of clouds during the day and a pillar of fire during the day.  When they decided not to follow those visible signs of God leading, they had to recalculate.  When they complained and wanted to go back, they were in trouble.What was the gift God gave the Israelites for following Him?  Land, the promised land.  We also have a promised land promised to us when we follow God.  It is called Heaven, and our guide is the HSS. When we ignore the HSS that through Jesus, lives within us, we remember His love continues forever.  We can ‘recalculate’ and come back to Him when we find we are going the wrong way.  He remembers us when we are in trouble, for His love continues forever.

He gave their land as a gift. His love continues forever. It was a gift to his servants, the Israelites. His love continues forever. He remembered us when we were in trouble. His love continues forever. Psalm 136:21-23