March 25, 2016 – II Peter 3:4, 8-9

2Peter3-4,8-9They will say, “What happened to the promise that Jesus is coming again? From before the times of our ancestors, everything has remained the same since the world was first created.” But you must not forget this one thing, dear friends: A day is like a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years is like a day. The Lord isn’t really being slow about his promise, as some people think. No, he is being patient for your sake. He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent. II Peter 3:4, 8-9

 When we are born again in Jesus, we are born into a hope that doesn’t fade but gives us unspeakable joy.  Not  just for a day, but for an eternity.  The hope in Jesus is our shield in face of hurts, slights and all kinds of suffering.  As I am writing these words, these children began singing…You Raise Me Up, so I can stand on mountains. You raise me up to walk on stormy seas. I am strong when I am on your shoulders. You raise me up to more than I can be…. (Josh Groban)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeUJ4Y-XOeY.
This is what knowing Jesus is all about here on earth.  This is the Hope that Jesus gives us.  To sing praise and glory to our Lord Jesus for loving us so much to die on the cross and be raised by our Heavenly Father on the third day.
We await God’s timing for the new heavens and new earth filled with God’s righteousness.  All through the Bible, God made all things happen in His time and on time.  It is time to be living peaceful lives that are pure and blameless in his sight…and live in Hope and Joy and Peace.
Always trusting Him because we love Him, we can not see, more and more each day.
 But we are looking forward to the new heavens and new earth he has promised, a world filled with God’s righteousness. And so, dear friends, while you are waiting for these things to happen, make every effort to be found living peaceful lives that are pure and blameless in his sight. II Peter 3:13-14