Christmas in Poetry 颂诗里的圣诞节

Merry Christmas! Silent Night! Memories of Christmases Past! I can see pictures of the past as they clamor for attention in my mind. My Mother, born on July 4th, 1907, remembered a special Christmas when she received a doll. A special doll with a china head, a special doll from Germany.
圣诞快乐!静籁之夜!过去的圣诞节的回忆!过去的图画不断在我的脑海中回响。 我的母亲生于1907年7月4日,她永远记得她收到一个洋娃娃的那个特别的圣诞节。当Anna Daisy Suderman 12岁的时候,她收到的来自于德国的戴着一个瓷器头的洋娃娃。

I remember seeing the doll in Mom’s cedar chest, but there it stayed. It meant a lot to Mom, something she didn’t want destroyed. I don’t know the doll’s name, or how much Mom played with the doll, but for the past eleven years it has its place in my house, standing, watching from its perch on high.

Mom grew up with stars in her eyes and thoughts that began to plague her until she couldn’t sleep. I retrieved a folder of Christmas poetry from the full file cabinet. Poetry that she wrote through the years about Christmas, her favorite time of the year. I can see her yet….struggling to find the right word to convey her meanings. I can see how Mom enjoyed taking writing classes, entering endless contests and submitting poem after poem for publication. Just as one of the trees in the Tale of Three Trees wanted to point others to Jesus, Mom purposed to write only for her Lord.

The rest of this blog celebrates Christmas through Mom’s poetic words:

What does Christmas mean to me? Shiny bows on bright wrapped gifts? Mistletoe and fragrant sniffs? Reindeer on white, snowy drifts?
That is NOT the heart of it! Christmas means a new-born King;

Shepherds hearing angels sing; Wisemen seeking gifts to bring.

Christmas changed the world for us! Christ was born to bring men peace,
Through this gift we find release — And may His Kingdom never cease.

Christmas means so much to me — Sing your carols, praise His name,
Low in birth, our Lord became The Risen Lord, whom we acclaim!

Our Christmas Rose
God wrapped His Love in swaddling clothes to hang upon a tree.

We serve Him best when we reflect His love until it grows
Up tall with healthy root and bears good Spirit-fruit,
That honors Christ, our Christmas Rose

Christmas Lives
Christmas lives – Long after every gift is gone.
My Christmas lives because of love and life He gives.
The Christ I celebrate lives on Beyond my sight of glory’s dawn

My Christmas lives.

Christmas is —
a time of magic touch when hearts are filled with love that overflows for others reflecting God above.
Christmas is —
a hallowed, holy realm of joyous song and light while heavenly angel choirs still echo through the night.
Christmas is —

God’s perfect gift of love when Jesus, stable born,
dawned our redemption star on that Christmas morn.
Christmas is —

a time of understanding when hearts all join to sing
and know the Christmas Child is truly Lord and King.

Christmas Forever
My Christmas is forever, For since I found the Babe
A bright new love has kindled, A fire that will not fade. My Christ is forever.
I still hear, “Glory! Glory!”
His star shines bright as ever In this unending story.
My Christmas is forever,
It’s not a day or toy
That soon is lost or broken, But a heartfelt inner joy.
My Christmas is forever,
When Christ becomes a part
Of life that seeks a Savior Who reigns with my heart.
Written Christmas 1997 (age 90), In God’s love, Anna Daisy Siemens

Christmas Celebrations
Christmas Celebrations need no padded pews, no decorated altars
Or bright-robed anthem choirs, they need humble hearts, filled with love. Christmas celebrations need no costly toys, electronic gadgets
Or decorated trees, they need a giving hand to share God’s love.
Christmas celebrations need an open door, not to lowly stables

But to careless hearts of men, not to a manger babe, but to the Christ of love.

Let us watch…. and hold!
Let us watch the sky of truth for light revealed from God to man

That we, his humble shepherds, may journey to our Bethlehem.

Let us spend our days in study as we search the word,

Not as Pharisees or Herod But as Wisemen seeking truth.

Let us hold to Mary’s wonder as we celebrate again this year

Of LOVE God sent to earth to draw the heart of men.
Christmas Love

The essence of Christmas is love — not our measure of love for God,
But His love for us ….great enough to send Jesus down to this earth
To die for the sins of all mankind — and with such great love in mind
Of God’s glory, peace and good will.

May your Christmas be filled with joy and happiness as you celebrate His Love!