Wonder of Memory!

Where do memories hide? The question, unbidden, raced across my mind. Where, indeed? And does memory need to hide? A memory comes from an experience that etches itself on the mind. A memory is necessary to create a habit in a thousand ways. After some time an unused memory becomes a shadow of its self.

A remembered experience can be pleasurable or one of pain. The painful memory hides in the recesses of the heart and remembered once again pierces with forgotten pain. The human tends to forget some happenings. Then suddenly – the five senses provide the catalyst to freshen the memory, the wonder of memory.

What are the five senses that renew and bring back the shadows of memories – taste, sight, hearing, touch or texture.


  • Recently I found peppermint ice cream at Braum’s for our grown children… 4th of July – homemade ice cream to celebrate Grandma Daisy’s birthday.
  • Sitting on the back porch with Mom and she asks, “What would you like to eat? I answered: “Rollkocka and watermelon, reminding me of Grosmom Emilie Siemens.
  • The crunch of fresh peas in Dad’s garden in the hot Oklahoma sun.


  • Every little baby I see reminds me of our four children when they were small.
  • The blue sky reminds me of Mom’s eyes that could see to the inside of me.
  • Every sunset reminds me of nephew Matt at 12 years, comforting me with the words, “Don’t worry – Grandpa Siemens is in God’s Pocket” – when my Dad died.
  • Old faded pictures of faces from long ago bring comfort and joy in remembering what was.


  • The notes on a piano remind me of Mother playing at dusk as we three ‘tow heads’ drifted off to sleep.
  • Hearing a phrase from the past — Dad’s “up and at ’em” or Mom’s “time to do your dishes”, and I remember…
  • The sound of rain and thunder or a bird’s song – and I remember God’s goodness.


  • The delight of touching different fabrics and remembering the many dresses Mom lovingly made for me as I grew up..
  • The touch of a new born babe and remembering each of our grandchildren – each a miracle as they arrived, one by one.
  • The soft petals of the yellow rose reminds me of the roses Dad loved so much in his garden.
  • Another comforting hug from ‘my love’ is as new as it was more than 60 years ago, and I remember the constant love.

My earliest memory was the ‘little house’ of three rooms. The middle room was the bedroom and contained a full bed. As my brothers and I grew and no longer needed a crib, Dad built a trundle bed that slid below our parent’s bed. The trundle bed was pulled out for naps and at night. I can still hear the wheels on the wooden floor.

My sweetest memory is standing in the kitchen of our Grosmom Emilie Siemens as she pulled open the metal drawer of the cupboard and handed each of us a molasses cookie. Grosmom’s brown eyes twinkled and it seemed to me that a halo sat atop her black straight hair pulled back from her face in a knot.

The memory that was sad and edged with happiness was when we lost one of our twin baby boys at birth. That was a difficult time. And now when I remember Donny, I know that I will see him in Heaven. The comfort I received was in knowing I kept Danny. I praised God for being allowed to keep one child.

We all have heartache memories and red rose memories. One Red Rose memory recently was an invitation to lunch with three dear ladies that I worked with at school. We reminisced about the time we spent together recalling memories I had forgotten. Just like a family who gathers and the phrase, “Do you remember when….” fills the air. We all have full lives now and yet, there is a bond of memory, God-given memories.

Why did God create us to remember the memories of long ago? Through the memories we are taught. We learn to forgive and we learn gentleness with one another. Even through laughter and tears, memories give us strength.otten. Just like a family who gathers and the phrase, “Do you remember when….” fills the air. We all have full lives now and yet, there is a bond of memory.

We say with the Apostle Paul – I thank my God every time I remember you…. Philippians 1:3.

God gave us so many ways to remember Him. This is why God gave us the ability to remember. To remember Him….I can hear my Mother quote Ecclesiastes 12:1 – Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come and and the years approach when you will say, “I find no pleasure in them…

Why is it important to remember God, the Giver of life, the Creator of the Universe and the One who holds the world in His Hands?

What if He forgot me? What if He forgot you? What if He forgot us, as we forget Him? This verse reads…

Do not remember the sins of my youth and my rebellious ways; according to your love remember me, for you, LORD, are good. Psalm 25:7

Dear Lord, I remember your precious love for all your children including me. Please remember me as I come to the end of my life. Forgive me for the times the things of the world came before you. Help me to remember the blessings you have given me and help me to praise You in all things. Thank you for the wonder of memory and help me to remember You above all. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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