The Beauty of Jesus

   Mother taught me the essence of each flower’s beauty is because of its Creator.  As I read and re-read the poem, The Beauty of Jesus, Mother teaches lessons to validate the worth and beauty of Jesus.  She shows me His gift of grace through His birth, life, death, and resurrection. 
    The life of Jesus is God’s Gift to lead us to forgiveness for our sin.  This gift allows us the freedom to live in a way leading to everlasting joy.
Each verse of the poem ends with the line, ‘Oh, teach me this beauty!’ Those five words speak of a soul-deep humility searching for God’s Truth. 
Mother raised me with a surety of ‘right and wrong.’  One day, at the age of four, I learned stealing is wrong.  I found a rubber band on a neighbor’s porch and brought it home to investigate its stretchiness. Mother watched me for a short period and asked where I found the rubber band.  Immediately after I told her, she instructed me to knock on the neighbor’s door and give back the rubber band and say I was sorry.  I never forgot this lesson in honesty.  Mother taught her grandchildren and me many lessons of right from wrong.
         The second verse tells of the hands of Jesus. In the gospels, we learn the hands of Jesus touched and healed the sick, raised Lazarus from the dead, and beckoned the children to come to Him.  His hands washed the feet of his disciples and extended love to all who came to hear Him, and He fed five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish. Before His death, He clasped his hand in prayer and prayed to His Father in Heaven.  These hands belonging to Jesus were nailed to the cross and his feet, too.
    The purpose of Jesus leaving God’s side in Heaven through His death on the cross is completed. He became our sacrifice to make us acceptable to live with our Father God in Heaven.  The life and death of Jesus show His deep love for all those who live on this earth, from generation to generation.
    The third verse commemorates the Lord’s Supper, with bread and juice, signifying his body and his blood He shed for us on the cross. Each time we remember Jesus through the Lord’s Supper, we remember His great love and all He did.  We can live without dread, but with rejoicing, for His gift of Grace we can never repay.  For God’s will was for us to be made holy by the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ, once for all time.”  Hebrews 10:10.
The Beauty of Jesus
The beauty of Jesus is seen through His grace
By dying for sins of the whole human race,
And I was the guilty one – He took my place –
Oh, teach me this beauty I hold in His Love.
The beauty of Jesus is seen in hands,
I look at the scars as before me He stands,
Yet love and obedience is all He demands.
Oh, teach me this beauty I feel in His Love.
The beauty of Jesus in cup and the bread.
Gethsemane’s anguish with blood-drops of dread,
Yet freely, with purpose He died in my stead.
Oh, teach me this beauty I taste in His love.
Oh, beauty of Jesus, shine bright on my way
That some of that beauty, I too, may portray.
For the debt of such love I can never repay,
But teach me to live this beauty in His Love.
                  Anna Daisy Siemens
Mother wrote, “Teach me to live His beauty in His Love.” Only through His constant Presence in our hearts and lives, can this be. I add the last verse of Mother’s poem, Precious Presence, to add to our prayer of the fourth verse, so we may show with our lives the beauty and love is ours in Jesus.  
Precious Presence, we are kneeling
Wearied of earth’s emptiness;
Feed and fill us with your power
As we strive for holiness.
Let us walk to gain perfection.
More like Christ in every way,
Till we stand in joy before You
On that great and glorious day.
                  Anna Daisy Siemens

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