MacBook Pro

Will the new wear off?
Will I be able to use this computer for good?
It has been five days since the MacBook Pro was delivered. There is an indentation in the recliner in the family room that seems to be the perfect place to ‘compute’.

When the wonder-pro was delivered we both were at attention. I opened the computer bag box,
Dad opened the computer box. As we looked at each item, we wondered if we could ever get it all to work.

Finally, all was ready….after a flashy flash Greeting in several languages, we realized that the ordeal was not over yet. First, the computer asked if I had an ‘old’ computer. I realized that I could not delve into the mysteries of the Silver-Pro until I downloaded the programs and data from the ‘old’ computer via a firewire. I looked on Walmart.com. Yes, they had it. 6 to 4 firewire. I called Dad to make sure I had the wrong one. He thought yes. I brought it home, and it soon was confirmed an incorrect firewire. We called Office Depot. No, they didn’t have it. Bummer. A brand new laptop, and all was at a standstill because of a firewire cable. Double Bummer. We decided to try the newer Walmart after a late lunch. Nada!!

On to Megabyte in Fayetteville. Ah, a firewire cable. By this time the $35 tag did not deter us. We began our way home, fighting traffic. We bought chicken sandwiches at Braum’s, and finally arrived home. I am not sure what it tasted like, for I transferred files. Ahhh.

The transference was complete at 7 pm. I needed to accompany a piano student as she played violin at a church near by. That interrupted the time with my new possession, toy, and I still wondered if I really needed this computer.

The sermon on Sunday that explored the principle of fewer possessions, and a relationship with people in the name of Jesus. Would this computer be used for Jesus, rather than for simple pleasure? I pondered this often as the wirelessness aspect was resolved through Airport. Then I knew it was needed, as my picture came up on Yahoo Messenger. I took a picture of myself through the Isight, built into the computer. (Where the picture went, I am not sure…I laughed as my hair was awry and I was still wearing my ‘sleep sweats’. )

When I used the laptop to visit with my Chinese friend via MSN Messenger Monday night, I knew it was right. (We made plans to have a face to face via Isight on Saturday) When I made the prayer list for Wednesday, I knew it was right. As I sent out 10 or more prayer requests and praises, I knew it was right. As I explored Page, a program part of I-Work, making a Piano Lesson Newsletter, I knew it was right. As I thought about the annual Christmas Letter, I knew it was right.

Now I go back to my day….printing out the prayer requests for Bible Study this morning, giving a piano lesson or two, and finding more uses for the computer to bless others by encouraging, praying — I know this is a good thing.

The MacBook Pro has found a home! God has given me another tool for Him!

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