January 29, 2019 – I Kings 2:1-3

As the time of King David’s death approached, he gave this charge to his son Solomon: “I am going where everyone on earth must someday go.  Take courage and be a man. Observe the requirements of the Lord your God, and follow all his ways. Keep the decrees, commands, regulations, and laws written in the Law of Moses so that you will be successful in all you do and wherever you go.”  I Kings 2:1-3.

 These amazing verses tell of a Father/Son visit before death.  David didn’t moan and weep as he left this earth.  He gave his son, Solomon direction for his life.   Being a man is equal to keeping the decrees, regulations, and laws given in the Law of Moses with a ‘because’ or ‘so that’.  

Success in all Solomon would do and wherever he is, comes when following God’s laws.  David knew this, and this is the greatest gift he could give his son.   This was the Lord’s promise to David containing a big ‘IF’.

If your children’s children live as they should and follow the Lord God faithfully –  not just half-way, but with all their heart and soul, one of them will always sit on the throne of Israel.

Does that sound familiar? Jesus gave this as the first commandment. Jesus replied, “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’”  Matthew 22:37.

It takes courage to love God more than the world.  The world beckons with cunning and deceit.

 Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are His dear children. Ephesians 5:1

 If you do this, then the Lord will keep the promise He made to me. He told me, ‘If your descendants live as they should and follow Me faithfully with all their heart and soul, one of them will always sit on the throne of Israel.’  I Kings 2:4.