I Love To Tell The Story

I am remembering
my fun-loving Dad, after almost forty years after his death. I remember his
story-telling gift. Practice makes
. He told the same stories over and over. He told stories of growing
up in Western Oklahoma with his three brothers. 
He also loved to tell Bible stories. 
He had a way of making the Bible stories real and ‘‘now.” My brothers
and I spent many Saturday evenings listening to Dad practice his Bible School
lesson he would tell on Sunday. Soon Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph became
our friends and we rejoiced and suffered with them.
doesn’t like a good story? Jesus told stories to teach, called parables.  The
Lost Coin, The Ninety and Nine
, and the Seeds
that fell upon different kinds of soil, and more. Add to these stories the
miracles of healing, stilling the stormy sea, and turning water into wine at
the wedding feast and we know Jesus.
John 3:16-17 – “For this is how God loved the world: He
gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not
perish but have eternal life.
 God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world,
but to save the world through Him.
 God’s promise of a happy ending to our lives
is welcome and is spelled H-O-P-E never-ending.
all have stories to tell of our life experiences. The sad stories hurt to tell,
and the stories with happy endings are the most satisfying for us all.
         Arabelle Katherine Hankey, who lived from
1834-1911, wrote the story of Jesus in one hundred four-line stanzas (verses).
This endeavor was in two parts – The first 50 stanzas comprised The Story Wanted, and the second part
was entitled The Story Told.  The complete poem was printed in 1867. From
this lengthy poem, came two hymns – Tell Me
the Old, Old Story
and I Love to Tell
the Story
. The lengthy poem – published in 1875, can be found here: www.truthfulwords.org/articles/hankeytoos.pdf.
William G. Fischer (1835-1912) composed
music from several chosen stanzas of The
Story Told,
entitled I Love to Tell
the Story.
While William H. Doane (1832-1915) chose
stanzas from The Story Wanted to
create the song Tell Me The Old, Old
         Katherine had a time of severe illness
and the doctor advised her to rest. 
Nothing could keep her from writing of Jesus.  Even as Enoch walked with God, Kathryn walked
with Jesus in her heart for a year as she wrote about His life on earth.
Morgan shares how Katherine, as a young girl, taught a small group of girls in
a Bible Study.  They bonded for a
lifetime of serving Jesus in many ways.   
         Katherine had a passion for missions
after her brother became ill in Africa. 
She traveled there to bring her brother home and saw the need for the
love of Jesus in hearts across the world.
         In our lifetime there are different seasons
God gives us.  The secret to Joy in each
season is telling the story of Jesus’ Great Love and sharing our story in
Christ Jesus with others. This is what Katherine Hankey found! Little did she
know how many would be moved and won for Jesus by her year of ‘walking with
Jesus’ in her writing!  Time is never
wasted when Jesus is a part of our thoughts, actions, prayers, and the songs we
         No matter what our physical or emotional
condition, stories of Jesus’ love can be told by writing words of life and
light, singing songs of His Grace, praying in Jesus’ Name, and Acts of Kindness
and Love. 
            God gifts each
of us in different ways to glorify God by telling the story of living for Jesus.
There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but
the same Spirit is the source of them all. There are different kinds of
service, but we serve the same Lord. God works in different ways, but it
is the same God who does the work in all of us.
I Corinthians
         What do believers in Jesus do?  But the believers who were scattered
preached the Good News about Jesus wherever they went.
  Acts 8:4.
We are known throughout our lives by our actions and the words we speak. Do we
live the Love of Jesus? What do you ‘preach’ with your life? What story are you
telling others?
         Psalm 66:8-9 – Let
the whole world bless our God
and loudly sing his praises. Our lives are in his
and he keeps our feet from stumbling.
         Psalm 66:18-20 – If I
had not confessed the sin in my heart,
 the Lord
would not have listened.
   But God did
He paid attention to my
 Praise God, who did not
ignore my prayer
 or withdraw his
unfailing love from me.
         Ecclesiastes 12:12-14 – But,
my child, let me give you some further advice: Be careful, for writing
books is endless, and much study wears you out. That’s the whole story. Here
now is my final conclusion: Fear God and obey his commands, for this is
everyone’s duty. God will judge us for everything we do, including every
secret thing, whether good or bad.


         Colossians 3:23-24 - Work
willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather
than for people.
Remember that the Lord will give you an inheritance as your
reward, and that the Master you are serving is Christ.

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