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GoLive and other Ponderings

So far I have spent three solid weeks working on a website using GoLive 6. It has been quite an education! I loved visiting with another person who teaches webdevelopment AND uses a Mac. I learned a lot about the program Menumachine, otherwise known as MenuMagic by me! A drop-down menu is the way to go, and this does it quite well with GoLIve.

It is 10:30 pm and I feel like celebrating and will soon by going to bed and reading a book by Angela Hunt. She is such a good writer and keeps me on the edge of whatever I am sitting on. The author wrote this book back in 1998 prior to Y2K, and yet there is a good handle on the current political climate. Audaciously so.

Tonight is another Winter Advisory with possible snow by morning. What? The joniquils trying to bloom by the mailbox crane their necks looking for sunshine! Or perhaps they are looking for a wrap. The cherry bush from Dad (1979) bloomed during the warm pre-spring temperature. And now the blooms are gone — hiding from the snow. The blooms are usually discouraged by freezes, so I am anxious to see if the fruit will hide and burst out when it warms up in a day or two.

It is amazing to me how God orchestrates life and helps me to grow. Just when I stumble God picks me up and carries me!

Good night…..