The Garden

Rufus rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he entered his lush garden, growing like a jungle. His feet enjoyed the black earth and it oozed between his toes. His eyes enveloped the glorious greenness of each growing thing. Under the sunlight dappled elephant ears sat a small squirrel.

“Hi,” Rufus called to Stubby, “How are you today? Did you find anything to take to your nest?”

Stubby’s tail that wasn’t there, responded by curling itself in the air. “No, I am enjoying your garden.”

“Just don’t eat the roses, you know those are Ma’s favorite!”

“I promise, I will just eat the plants you don’t like!” Stubby’s thoughtful reply puzzled Rufus.
Couldn’t Stubby see that they wouldn’t have planted any of the garden if the plants were not loved?
Rufus shrugged his shoulders, looking like a diligent old man trying to lift the weight of the world off his shoulders, instead of the 12 year old he was.

King panted, his tongue lolling out of the side of his mouth. His black ears twitched as he saw his master Rufus visiting with Stubby. King barked once, Stubby ran and Rufus patted King’s head, “There, King, just checking the garden. What do you think?”