Expectation Living

April 2, 2011

Psalm 121

I look into the forever
I look into His face
He is my help
In All His Ways.

He doesn’t let me stumble
He doesn’t let me fall
Always He watches
And doesn’t sleep at all.

The Lord is my shade
At His right hand
I do not fear
For He is always near.

He engraves my name
On the palm of His hand
The sun shall not blind me
In the moonlight, He sings over me.

Forever – Forever!
God watches over me.
Forever – Forever!
Farther than I can see.
Forever – Forever!
Now and for an eternity!

Wrritten at the 2011 RCC Retreat by Heather, Katie, Belva and Emily

March 15, 2011


Prayer is….
…knowing that God is real
…to see His power
…to praise His name
…to know He is dear.
Prayer is.
…trusting and believing
…asking for guidance
…placing my Hand in His
…and knowing His fragrance.
Prayer is...
….living hope that is ours
….to know that He hears
…and know He answers
…having faith until He appears.


March 8, 2011

Expectation Living

Who writes the expectations
That fill my heart each day?
Who holds the pen that writes
Frustration in a myriad of ways?

The names are Confusion Chaos
And Confounding Commotion
That fill my every moment with
Increasing defeat and frustration.

From the depths of despair
I raise longing eyes to You
“Lord, write on my heart your message
Of eternal expectations true.”

Fill my heart and my mind
That Jesus is Lord of all
So world expectations will dim

And all I hear is your sweet call.