The Big Getaway

So many people, traveling, clogging the roadways, using so much gasoline… and the media called it the Big Getaway. So many hours on the road. After trying to navigate on our own New Hope Road with bumper to bumper traffic, we have no desire to venture forth on a larger free way, and why do they call it a freeway when you aren’t free to make your way anywhere.

I wondered about that…the Big Getaway. Getaway from what? And then you come back? Worn out, moneyless and energy-less and time-less. Why is it necessary to ‘get away’?

We are in that generational step when we can’t go home to Grandmother’s house, or even to Mom’s house. We live 9 hours away from our closest child. “Over the river and through the woods” doesn’t happen now in our family.

At our age we have another home and we are getting ready. Do we know the way? Indeed, Yes! We are studying the road map, and talking to others who are planning the same trip. Every day we are closer to our departure date. We are not sure just when, but we know that our travel plans are sure for Jesus will take us by the hand when He is ready and we will go Home.

No amount of celebration of Thanksgiving on earth can compare to the Thanksgiving we will know when we reach our destination. The wonders of our heavenly home with Him will be new every morning and every night. His love is everlasting to everlasting!

No matter the inconveniences, the pain, the heartache on earth, all will be forgotten when we get Home. We know that as we walk on this earth, we don’t walk alone, for Jesus walks with us.

Going to Heaven will truly be The Big Getaway!

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