August 5, 2015 – Psalm 96:11-13

Psalm96-11-13Let the heavens be glad, and the earth rejoice! Let the sea and everything in it shout his praise! Let the fields and their crops burst out with joy! Let the trees of the forest sing for joy before the Lord, for he is coming! He is coming to judge the earth. He will judge the world with justice, and the nations with his truth. Psalm 96:11-13When was the last time you bounded out of bed, eager for a new day, rejoicing and excited? Today?  Years ago?  Did you understand the why of the change, if there has been a change?Just reading Psalm 96 gave my heart a lift and understand where the Joy comes from.  The Lord, that is where Joy begins. Have you ever wondered about the trees rejoicing as they ‘lift their arms to pray” (Joyce Gilmer).  The field rejoice?  They break forth in praise in every abundant crop, for the Lord is life itself.  Don’t forget who set the earth spinning in space, or created the sea and everything in it.  They know the Lord.The sky with its starry host and brilliant moon speak their praise and joy.  Is it any wonder that with all this joy of life all around, that God also places a new song in our hearts when we praise Him?  We reflect His Love with our adoration.  How can we keep silent?  We must tell people everywhere of how The Lord saves and gives us life abundantly, without measure.

How can I keep from singing Your praise/How can I ever say enough, how amazing is Your love/How can I keep from shouting Your name/I know I am loved by the King and it makes my heart want to sing.  (Chris Tomlin) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vh_8rTBpvRU)

Sing a new song to the Lord! Let the whole world sing to the Lord! Sing to the Lord and praise his name! Tell the good news every day about how he saves us! Tell all the nations how wonderful he is! Tell people everywhere about the amazing things he does.  Psalm 96:1-3