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May 4, 2011
Psalm 94
Arise, O Lord, Judge of the earth
How long will the wicked reign?
How long will the evil ones
Crush your people with disdain.

The Lord God is not deaf
He is able to speak.
He is able to see. the wicked
He will raise up the weak.

Teach us your ways, O, Lord,
Give us in troubled times, your relief
Protect us from the wicked ones
Deliver us from their grinding grief.

You are my Rock and Fortress
In You, we will ever hide
Your strength erases our doubts
And brings us hope, deep and wide.

May 3, 2011
Great Are You, Lord
As the mighty waters
Thunder in their banks
Lord, I give you thanks,
Great are You, Lord.

You are mightier than all
The mighty breakers on the shore
Oh, Your Majesty, it is You I adore.
Great are You, Lord.

How I sing your praises
Help me to follow your way
To trust in faith, and only you obey
Great are You, Lord.

Your reign, Lord, is forever
Your royal laws cannot be changed
I obey, and not be estranged
Great are You, Lord.

April 27, 2011
Psalm 91
You are my Rock, You are my Rock,
You are my Fortress
You are my Light, You are my Light
You are my salvation
I’m trust You, I’m trusting you,
You are my God!

I hide in the shelter,
In the shelter of your Presence.
You keep me safe from the enemy
Because of your love for me.

How great is your goodness
And the mighty works of your hand
When your final trumpet sounds
In You I will ever stand.

I delight in the Lord
I sing praises to the Mighty King
I sing with joy and thankfulness
Until all heaven rings.
April 27, 2011
Psalm 92
What is Worship?
What is praise in song?
What is thankfulness?
What is right or wrong?

I praise you, Lord
You lift my heart in joy
When I see your works
That man cannot destroy

I praise you, Lord

In the morning light

I proclaim your love

And faithfulness at night.

I praise you, Lord,
Exalted one forever
You are my Rock
My song forever.

April 16, 2011
He is Alive
He is alive
My Lord and King
He is alive!
Praise Him and Sing
He is alive!
He’s my ev’ry thing!

When sleep eludes me
and words capture sleep
I awake with praise
Pray His love to keep.

The night hours fly by
And I know not why
My heart lifts up prayer
In your presence, I cry.

The sun will soon rise
Rubbing my sleepy eyes
My heart cries, Amen
Let His praise arise.

The earth stirs with joy.
Mountains will sing
Trees dance in the breeze
I’m praising Jesus the King.

March 28, 2011
I sing glory, glory, glory
To your name
I sing glory, glory, glory,
You’re ever the same.

Yes, Lord, I hear your voice,
Yes, Lord, in you, I rejoice.
The heavens proclaim
Your glorious name
Day after day I see you
Night after night, You are new.
March 15, 2011
What Time Is It?
What time is it?
I asked the nurse
As the pain dug deep
The time seemed perverse.

What time is it?
I asked, as I waited
To hear how my child fared
And the illness is routed.

What time is it?
As the minister speaks.
I look at my watch and wonder
If it has been weeks.

What time is it?
My slowing walk and
I know what time it is
Time to walk the talk.

What time is it?
My heart begins to slow
I hear angels singing
It’s God- time I know.

Prayer is….
…knowing that God is real
…to see His power
…to praise His name
…to know He is dear.

Prayer is.
…trusting and believing
…asking for guidance
…placing my Hand in His
…and knowing His fragrance.

Prayer is...
….living hope that is ours
….to know that He hears
…and know He answers
…having faith until He appears.