Anna Daisy the Philosopher

Anna Daisy, the PhilosopherAnna Daisy looked around the room. So many sad faces. The grown-ups were discussing the death of a neighbor. She was sorry the neighbor died and she wished she could make it better. She felt the wave of death in the air. What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon.She watched Papa; his chin with its deep dimple trembled occasionally as he joined in the conversation. She moved closer to stand beside him, placing her hand on his arm. He looked up at Anna Daisy, “Could you go get the cows in from the pasture?”Anna Daisy nodded, and slipped out of the house. Anna Daisy felt as if she were escaping death itself. She felt so free as she walked along the usual path into the pasture. There must be something she could do to help older folks in the house forget their grief. Anna Daisy looked at the lacy white clouds that dotted the sky. A bird was etched above her for just a moment and flew rapidly away reveling in joyous freedom. The pasture, dotted with trees, was so green that it blazed in her heart. The pond was on her left, looking like shimmering jewels in the late afternoon sunlight. God was so good to make such beauty for her to enjoy. She listened to the sounds of the birds and the crickets. If only the grown-ups in the house could see God’s beauty, then they would be comforted.”,” Why was there death in the world? She thought about Hilda, sweet baby Hilda, and little Paulie. Both had succumbed to death, even with many prayers to God. Momma knew death well, how many babies had she lost? Poor Momma, and yet Momma was so happy. Her blue eyes twinkled and her laughter was ready to spill over all day. Yes, Anna Daisy wanted to help Momma, too. It was hard for her to listen to the talk of death.Where were the cows? Oh, there they were, cud chewing again. It seemed to Anna Daisy. Those cows liked to chew cud better than grass Anna Daisy took a deep breath, inhaling the clean smell of the green grass. Yes, God really knew how to create beauty. As she neared the cows, she stopped short!This was it! She watched the small calf struggling to its feet, wobbling to and fro. After ten wobbles the calf stood on her straddled-legs and hastened stiff-legged to her Momma. The calf began to suckle, nudging her Momma’s fat tummy. The Momma cow gave a soft mooing sound, and turned her head to lick the fur of her baby.Anna Daisy started the cows to the barn. She skipped, she laughed. God had given her the answer of what to do to make everyone be in aware of God and His gifts. She anticipated the reaction of the grown-ups.The last cow was in place in the barn. Anna Daisy’s blue eyes sparkled, and her tousled blond hair shone in the remaining sun. She burst into the house, “Papa, Mamma! Isn’t it wonderful?”Papa asked, “What is it, Anna Daisy? Come here, child, and tell me what you are talking about?”The room grew quiet, all the grown-ups looked at Anna Daisy. Good, Anna Daisy thought, now they will feel better when they know what God has done!Anna Daisy stood tall and drew in a deep breath and made her grand announcement, “I was getting the cows in, and then I saw what God did. One dies and one is born, and now….and… now we have a new calf!”The room full of people stared at Anna Daisy. Satisfied, she thought, now I helped them all see that God is good. That was only for a moment, because the stillness was broken by laughter. It seemed that the laughter rolled on and on like the waves of ripe wheat in the wind.Anna Daisy was embarrassed. She was indignant. She slipped from the room, her cheeks flushed. Why would they laugh at something so wonderful? Couldn’t they see the profundity of her statement?Anna Daisy would continue to have faith in the Lord and see His beauty, His justice tempered with mercy. Anna Daisy could never doubt His wisdom, which her writing later would show.