Really Real!

was concerned.  What should she do?  Her little boy repeatedly came into the
house, describing the lion in the back yard. 
I remember wondering why my little brother could have so much fun while
we had to go school.  I looked out the
kitchen window in the yard one afternoon and tried to imagine what I would do
if I came face to face with Gene’s lion. 
Was it real or was it a lie?  That
was my introduction to sorting out reality. 
I didn’t see the lion.  My brother
didn’t share his story with me.  I was
left with conjecture and ‘what if’s’.
little brother had already attained my respect and admiration for bravery the
day he ran away from home to get the new Easter Shoes.  When a neighbor brought him home, my brother
told me that he had laid his thumb on the highway and a car ran over it. My
other brother, Jim, and I inspected the thumb that Gene held out for us. The
thumb had no visible injuries.  I
wondered how that could be and then, I believed.
is really real in this world?  Does one’s
perception of truth count?  If I believe
it is real, does this make it so?  What
if my truth and some one else’s truth are not the same, whose truth is real? There
has to be some kind of standard.
real, or transparent to anyone, in this world of today is a highly guarded
secret, a personal matter.  Why?
Fear.  Fear of being rejected; fear of
being ridiculed.  Fear of not belonging.  Belonging to who?  Or What? 
We have choices in this life.  We
have the choice to choose truth in our lives.
E Combs, my father-in-law, told about life in West Texas when he was 13 years
of age.  (Transcribed the way he talked)
On buying mules:  So I picked out a couple and named them Sheck
and Jake.  Tied them together, that way
you can drive them anywhere.  I had a
saddle pony along.  My brother-in-law had
a wagon, he’d come with me.  We started
home.  Meantime I told this guy, that my
uncle sent me and that I wanted to buy the mules on time, and when I could
raise a crop, I could pay him.  If he
would make out the note and mortgage I would sign it.  He went on a talkin’ and didn’t pay no
attention to me.
Finally I got up courage
enough and said, if you make up the note and mortgage for me, I will sign it
and be on my way.  He said, “We don’t do
that away out in this country.  You go on
and take the mules home with you and this fall when you sell your cotton, you
come pay me.”  I couldn’t hardly believe
my ears.  About the only thing to do was
get started with the mules down on the road. 
I felt like I stole them.  I took
them home and broke them.
In a month or two I seen
my Uncle and told him what happened.  I
got the mules all right…..My Uncle said, yes, that’s the way we do things out
here in the west.  If a man’s word ain’t
no good, and his name ain’t good, what’s the use of wasting all the
paper?”  I says, “What happened if I sold
everything and the mules and took the money and left the country?”  He said, “Oh, that’s what we got the mesquite
trees and lariat ropes for, for those kind of guys.”
we lost trust and substitute reams and reams of paper covered piled high with four
syllable words?  Marketing today is an
example of teaching cynicism and doubt. 
It has a language all its own laced with ‘faux’ promises, sex innuendo
and playing on man’s desire for more. 
When translated into realness with the truth unveiled we see what is
really real.
one foggy Sunday morning our son Tim rode his bicycle around a small lake near
here.  As he continued his ride, he
realized the fog became thicker and even more thick.  Stopping, he took off his glasses and noticed
that it wasn’t foggy at all, his glasses were fogged over.  He cleaned his glasses and his vision
improved to near perfect.  He could see
the road, the beauty that surrounded him and the joy of the Lord filled his
heart in praise.
life we allow our way to be fogged over with earthly desires of personal comfort,
success as defined by the world and our wants become needs.  We allow our world to be ‘photo-shopped’
until we no longer see clearly. The word realized is fascinating.  The first meaning is to grasp and understand clearly. 
The second meaning is to make real
or give reality to
.  And the third
meaning is to bring vividly to the mind.  Nothing is hidden when it is realized.  There are no surprises later.
what is true?  What is honest? What can
give us hope?  The kind of hope that
helps us wake up every morning, ready for the day.  The REAL creates a smile on our faces and
sees joy even when things are difficult. 
The REAL dispels the ‘don’t care’ acedia*
condition of the heart.  It is the REAL
that is truth for all our days. What brands of truth do we seek?  Can integrity and kindness walk together? A
betrayal in a relationship finds hope in truth and forgiveness.  The truth can make us free of the baggage of
subterfuge and lies that cause fear of the shadows of life.
King David understood where truth came from and its
value –
Behold, you delight in truth in the inward being, and
you teach me wisdom in the secret heart.
Then Jesus came….and proclaimed truth!  Jesus
said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through
John 14:6
And the Word became flesh and dwelt among
us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full
of grace and truth
John 1:14
The question is, what is really real to me?  
What is really real to you?
But I have trusted in your steadfast love; my heart shall rejoice in your salvation. Psalm 13:5

* Acedia – sloth – laziness/indifference in
religious matters.

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