Is it a dream or
is it real?  Being lost takes on many
faces in this world.  Being lost is worse
when we don’t realize we have lost our way. 
Let me paint a picture of long ago, say more than 80 years ago.
Dad worked during
the night delivering mail (special delivery) and slept during the day.  With three small children five, four and two
years old, sleep was almost impossible. 
Mom took the three of us for a ride. 
The purpose was to get lost in the country.  Mom had an adventurous streak.  We piled into the little Ford car and turned
many times on unpaved country roads until we didn’t know where we were.  Totally lost. 
Suddenly Mom was no longer our tour guide.  She stopped talking and stopped the car.  Leaving the car, she said she was going to
check the road ahead.  When she came back
she said, “It is a good thing I stopped, the bridge ahead is out.”
What a relief to
know we adverted danger, but going on ‘an adventure’ had lost its allure for
me.  The danger of the unknown made an
adventure a fearful thing.  Adventure is
to be avoided with diligence; I decided at five
 years old.
Being lost can
happen in a building, in the country, in the city or within us.  Each day a person with dementia feels totally
lost day after day.  My dear husband
walks each day in total confusion of fog each day.  Rooms do not stay in the same place; night is
day, and the day is night.  Time becomes
nebulous – with a minute stretching into hours. 
Imaginary people become more real that his family.  Lunch becomes breakfast, or it can be
supper.  Hunger doesn’t tell time.  He perceives his age from 19 to 89.  He is lost.
Being lost causes
angst, confusion and fear.  Being lost is
that disconcerting feeling that one is in the wrong place at the wrong
time.  Lost is defined as no longer in
possession of relating to friends, children or articles.  A lost way, a lost or wasted opportunity is
another definition.  Another use of lost
is a lost war as in being defeated. 
Being lost is walking in darkness, being found is walking in the light.
The opposite of
‘lost’ is ‘found’, walking in the light. 
Despair describes ‘lost’. Joy describes ‘found’.  Both are described in the teaching parables
taught by Jesus in Luke 15.  The
lost  sheep of ninety-nine, the woman who
loses one coin of 10 golden coins, and the lost son.  Celebrations were held when the one lamb is
found, when the one golden coin is found. 
The most poignant memorable description of ‘the found’ is in Luke
15:32,  “We had to celebrate this happy
day. For your brother was dead and has come back to life! He was lost, but now
he is found!’”
The mission of
Jesus here on earth is described in Luke 19:9-11 – Jesus responded, “Salvation has come to this home today, for
this man has shown himself to be a true son of Abraham. For the Son of Man came
to seek and save those who are lost
The terrifying
state of ‘lost-ness’ is spiritual limbo. 
This is when one searches for deep joy in every place, except in Jesus
Christ.  Discounting Jesus is like
denying the existence of the sun, moon and stars.  Denying God is like rejecting the existence
of the universe.
God is love!  Jesus loves us.  Unconditional love is the foundation of their
nature.  They made us; they love us, and
when we try to find peace and joy in this world, we do not succeed.  For only in Jesus, can we find these
treasures.  When our state of pride and
the refusal to believe is when we have lost our way.
In this season of
the celebration of the birth of Jesus, the only Son of God, let us not forget
the rest of the story.  Our being found
by Jesus is the greatest gift we can give Him who gave His life for us on the
cross.  Being in Jesus is the gift that
keeps on giving to our friends and our family. 
We find true joy and peace in being us.

When we see a red
bow, let us remember that that our salvation from the darkness, tied in the red
blood Jesus shed on the cross. 
 “The kingdom of the world
has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he shall
reign forever and ever.”  Revelation
Salvation and glory and power belong to our
God, Revelation 19:1b
“Hallelujah!  For the Lord
our God
 the Almighty reigns.”  Revelation 19:6b