June 7, 2015 – Psalm 15:1-2

Psalm15-1-2O Lord, who shall sojourn in your tent? Who shall dwell on your holy hill? He who walks blamelessly and does what is right and speaks truth in his heart. Psalm 15:1-2Truth and Right, walking Blamelessly together. These specific qualities are desired by God for his tent-mates on his holy hill.Truth in his heart.  Not cutting corners nor shaving time from work. as my Dad used to say – a full’s day pay for a full day’s work. “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” Colossians 3:23.There is no hiding from God.  He knows all and sees all.  It isn’t a game or a trick – living is soul-deep , heart-deep, marrow-deep.  It is not cheating on a school test or cheating on income tax. It is living truth.Sound like the game of life becomes less somehow.  Does it seem to be less of challenge with no fun?  If so, then you do not know God.  You don’t understand Him at all.Being His means enjoying a place of love to hide from evil when it all becomes too much.  What do you call precious?  Nothing can compare with the preciousness of God’s love.  No shelter provides a leak-free or undamaged roof on this earth.  Only in God can we find shelter in the shadow of His Wings.  Not just those who can afford a sturdy shelter, but every one who choose Right, who chooses Truth.So what makes us think we can escape if we ignore this great salvation that was first announced by the Lord Jesus himself and then delivered to us by those who heard him speak?  Hebrews 2:3

So God’s rest is there for people to enter, but those who first heard this good news failed to enter because they disobeyed God. So God set another time for entering his rest, and that time is today. God announced this through David much later in the words already quoted: “Today when you hear his voice, don’t harden your hearts.”  Hebrews 4:6-7

How precious is your unfailing love, O God! All humanity finds shelter in the shadow of your wings. Psalm 36:7