Psalm24-5-6  And today dawned blind, for the rain clouds obscured the sun and its “All is Well” message.The rain was accompanied by lightning and thunder – lightning that crept into the windows and the thunder shook our earthly house.  A reminder from heaven with the blessing of rain pouring down, Who You are, and that no matter what happens, It is our Lord God who matters. And I worship, I worship in your Presence.No matter the cares and  roller coaster of care-giving here on earth, You are present, You are just a prayer away.  You are are Giver of Strength, Love and Faith.  In Your Presence I can be filled with the Joy of Living and Serving here on earth.  The beginning and the end are joyous, but it is in ‘the middle’ when I falter.  And I dwell now – ‘in the middle’.June 30th, and my birthday is over. Mom wrote, I better rest this afternoon.  After all, I am 85.  Alma (Mom’s older sister) says, “Don’t brag about it.  That’s acting old.”  As my bones creak and ache, I still revel in God giving m3 85 years on this earth.  Making the most of it, I have learned are the little ways God gives us to serve, to love and to forgive.And most of all, it is worshiping God, praising God, and waiting for that moment when my dear husband and I can move HOME to be with the Lord. Then welcoming our children one by one for a glorious reunion with no night, no time, just the presence of God Whom we worship.