June 3, 2016 – Job 37:4-5

Psalm46-1-2God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. So we will not fear when earthquakes come and the mountains crumble into the sea. Psalm 46:1-2When did we become such a people who desire comfort and security.  Is it because of fear of change in our status quo?  As I grow older, I begin to feel the vulnerability of the aged.  When the aches and pains rob of us the energy we once enjoyed.  We look for a place where we can find refuge.There is one haven of comfort and joy and peace we can rely on.  God.  The God, we cannot see, except with our hearts and souls.  The God who knows every hair on our heads and gave us breath.  The God who knows the number of our days and our thoughts before before we think them.  He gives us refuge and strength when our life is crumbles before our eyes.What we have and what we are and our very lives can disappear in a moment of time without warning.  No insurance policies can cover that, that is an earthly answer.  The spiritual answer that has a longer life span, is our One and Only God.  He is our strength and our refuge.  Trusting Him and relying on Him, the One who Loves like Thunder.  We are not able to fathom the greatness of His Power and Majesty.I watch clouds gather in anticipation of hearing the sound of thunder rip across the sky.  Then I know God is there.  When the rain storm ends, I see the promise of love from God the Father in full color in sky.  And I give thanks for knowing God is glorious and great, greater than I will ever know.How Great is our God, Sing with me, How great is our God And all will see…How great, how great is our God… (Chris Tomlin- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDgmJFw6F64)Then comes the roaring of the thunder— the tremendous voice of his majesty. He does not restrain it when he speaks. God’s voice is glorious in the thunder.  We can’t even imagine the greatness of his power. Job 37:4-5