July 23, 2015 -1Samuel 2:26

1Samuel2-26Meanwhile, the boy Samuel grew taller and grew in favor with the Lord and with the people. I Samuel 2:26 NLTWhat did these two boys become, and why are they described in the same way, as growing in wisdom and growing taller? They both grew in favor with God and men.  No other young boys were described this way in the Bible.  What did God have for them to do?  What special things did they do for the Lord God?  They obeyed GodSamuel’s Mom prayed for a son and promised she would give him to the Lord when he was weaned.  The mother of Jesus was chosen to have the baby Jesus.  She saw the star in the sky over the manger, she saw the shepherds who came to worship the baby Jesus.  Both mothers let their sons go when it was time.  Samuel became the last Israelite prophet and obeyed God without question. Samuel was humble even when he had power.  Samuel anointed David, a shepherd boy, as King over Israel.Jesus, at 12 years old, stayed behind in the temple speaking to the teachers.  He was sent into the world to bring forgiveness to all who choose Him, by dying on the cross.  Jesus loves all of us — first, before we learn to love Him.Do you wonder what God thinks of you?  Are you growing up filled with understanding?  As you grow, do you find favor with God and others? Do you obey God?  Do you obey your Dad and Mom?  Do you listen to others or just talk?  Learn to love others, no matter what!And Jesus kept on growing—in wisdom, in physical stature, in favor with God, and in favor with others. Luke 2:52 (The Voice)