From…Of Kith and Kin – Two

For 1972 Grandchildren Valentines In this hour of flowers, love, and heartsThink back to where this feeling starts.In tiny buds it came – love’s little flameThat grew and blossomed to one perfect loveExampled in the Word from Christ above. Mike Tall and dark, my ladies’ Man, I turn once more to look again. His jobs show things that he can do He has learned to think things through He’d better practice how to runFrom girls – this prize for anyone! Carla Jean Hey there, Artistically Inclined!Please, hold your mirror high to seeA face that blossoms from the heart – Attentive to sweet chastity! Jim A teasing eye and a vixen-grin And yet – a tender heart there lives within. In nature’s sport excelling free This fifth grandson, love chose for me David Determined blue eyes and a cornered jawA budding young sprout from our family tree,For years, we’ve enjoyed special bonds of love. To this I’m sure David would agree. Mark The image of his father’s faceWho throws a ball with zip and grace,Quick-silver mind, all razor-honed.My love for him just has me ‘stoned!’ MattWe assure you, this is no idle line!You’re so all-boy, so sweet and wise With love-beams waltzing in your eyes,We claim you – our “”Youngest Valentine!”” LindaSurely fairies are your friends! I see upon your faceSuch charm and pixie graceAll love and leaning bendsTo claim you mine, Sweet Valentine! Tim Third grandson ValentineYour gears run on an agile line;Always thinking, baking, signingReaching out to futures shiningWhen all is said and doneYou’re Great-gramma’s Schmucksta One. (most handsome) “,” DanOur eldest, Daniel Gene,A curly-haired Sophisticate!Blessed with brais, physique, ad looksKeep hitting at those heavy booksAnd then….One day we’ll say, “”We knew when when!”” PaulWe like boys who get a jobWe love b oys who write a songWe take to boys who wear their hairNeatly trimmed and not too long.But rules are not too permanentSo click your heels and take a bowYou do such thoughtful thingsWe’d love you anyhow! Anna Writer, artist, or musicianDreamer, cook, perhaps a poet!And if you say, “”She’s quite a girl!””We’d nod our heads to say, “”We know it!””