This website recalls days gone by for we must know the past to build toward the future. Family is recorded in poetry, in articles, in devotions that make genealogies come alive. Simplicity of life is revealed with a deep faith in God evident in every step of life’s journey. This website is dedicated to family and to those who share the same family name, the same faith and the same will to be obedient to our Lord Jesus.

TheDaisy Song

With joy I look into your simple face….And gaze in awe at the petals around your sun….You mirror light of sky and waltz in grace….When greening fields share hope with everyone.

You always persevere as year to year….You rise from sun-warmed sod to bud again….Every year your magic blooms reappear….If nature gives you sunshine, wind and rain.

When summer’s drouth wilts down your life, you die….I do not weep….for you live in my heart…..Through winter’s cold when fluttering snowflakes fly….Until another year unveils your art….I thank you, Daisy, for the song you sing.

Simplicity is such a lovely thing!” ~~  Anna Daisy Siemens